Opening of The Grand Gingerbread Town in Christmas Marked in Bergen, Norway 2014

Yes.I herby declare the Pepperkakeby for Open!

By Trude Dreveland our Ordfører in Town!

She did a good jobb..and even was very nice to talk to!

Miniature houses, trains, cars and ships made from real gingerbread.

Schools and kindergartens contribute every year in making a miniature version of Bergen - all in gingerbread-cookies! This is one of the most breath-taking traditions we have got in Bergen. This is the World's biggest Gingerbread town!
Before the Gingerbread town was situated in the middle of the town..But our old Swimming hall is gone for a new and better one..The Happening is right here.Where the swimmers used to do their stunt from the 10 meter high jump!That was good time too..However time moves on..Now the childen of our town can enjoy scating and skiing in here..Of course fake snow and ice..but whatever as long as it is fun fun!

This post is surely only interesting for the citizens of my town.I have never seen as good Pepperkake by as this year!One thing missing.The places.Where is this and what  is that.Anyway they have done a great job!(Hei Trude!Ser du dette ja så var det meg som løpte rundt med Musefletter,,Didriksonjakke ,  Army bukse og snappet deg mens du smilte så fint!Takk til deg! )
You have to excuse me for not fixing the spelling.Seems like the Blogger Trolls is having fun with me this evening!Cant do any fixing!

Jeg vil jeg vil men får det ikke til!
Ha det fint da!

So now the Nisse Troll Girls have taken over the Great Swim Hall.Lets hope they dont do any mischiefts and trolling away Christmas Party!In the bacground The great statue from 1938 ,Young Girl and Happiness by Sofus Madsen

Birds! Birds! Birds!!❤❤❤

Blackbird singing in the tree
A really fat fat Half Hooded Crow!(and a pigeon)
Some psycadelic shit you say .Its art photo.
Hooded crow bathing in the Ortun Lake
I think its from this year breed
It really had some fun and me too


Family Fulica Atra..We have so many of them its really overcrowded in the lake

Fantastisk gøy å vere ute!Har fri en dag til så er det full rulle igjen!Money Money Money aint it funny!

Ja vi må jo ha peng til jul!

Holder ikke med hjemmelagde julegaver no lengre nei!

Ha det fint!
Hilsen Anita