A Long Ride To Mount Ulriken,Montana,Norway

 I warn you..this is a looong serie of photoes..however its the last i do for a while..due to work.
 Noen tar Ulriksbanen..
 Vi andre går til fots..

 At last up on the top!
 Its a great view!
 Isdalen og overgangen til Fløyen

 Even little kids go here..Its a traditional sunday walk!
 And some of us run up and down the mountain too..
 Ilike stones..someone did this for a purpose..
 Who do not want a hut here??

 Great views!

 I have to come here more often than I do..
 Little huts are everywhere
 Kind of feel safe with those huts..If one gets lost a snowy day!
Norwegian culture can never go away..whatever they say!

 Here i sat having a chocolatte muffins and coffe!

Think of all those stones they carried!

 We even got an outdoor toilet up here!!

 I like this kind of Moonlandscape..think they made Starwars a place on the Hardangervidden!

 While eating my muffins there came some beautiful BIG birds agains me..slowly majestic!Wow..I thought what is this??surely noT crows?!!
 Back home i was googling wild birds at Ulriken..and what did i see and read!!Someone really had seen Eagles flying towards Ulriken!Wow..i had to get back the other photoes i had deleted just to see and find out.I thought i saw a yellow neck and white stjert..!!But however..it was not i belive..at a closer look and studying the fysical body of crows..it must had been crows!However it was just great!!
 Having a rest with a great view!
 Its huts everywhere!
Even the dog was tired after climbing!Look at his tongue!!ai Ai ai!
When i went up..i got really dizzy looking down..but however stubborn as i am..i just climbed further on..never giving up to get up!and down!

 See..!!Really icy !

 And it went darkpretty soon!

 I shoot this only to rest!
But the kids really had a good time!

 Well thank you for this long experience!!See you in some time!Greetings!